Visual Diagnostic Reticle

Benchmark’s Visual Diagnostic Test Reticles are widely accepted and endorsed by both semiconductor manufacturers and equipment vendors, to rapidly determine stepper best focus without the use of a microscope. With these reticles, optimum focus can be found more quickly and with half the variability of conventional microscope linewidth measurement methods.

D-2 Full Field Visual Diagnostic Test Reticle

This Test Reticle can be used to create a focus/exposure matrix with best focus at the center. As energy increases, resist test structures clear out at extreme focus positions of the matrix. The resulting image resembles a histogram plot with a peak indicating the best focus setting. This reticle can also be used to evaluate

  • illumination uniformity, coating,
  • development and soft bake uniformity,
  • wafer chuck effects including hot spots hot spots,
  • wafer chuck flatness.

D-3 Test Reticle

Benchmark’s D-3 Test Reticles used to determine

  • dose matching,
  • focal plane tilt,
  • Field curvature
  • wafer leveling, and
  • column alignment.

Features and Benefits for both reticles include:

  • Reduce operator subjectivity
  • Less variability resulting in tighter SPC control limits
  • Optimize stepper utilization for reduced cost of ownership

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Histogram using bladed D-2 Reticle

D-3 Test Reticle