Multi Transmission Mask

Benchmark Technologies‘ multi-transmission masks are used in 1:1 contact, proximity or projection printing to identify optimum dose with a single exposure.

The mask provides multiple exposures simultaneously on the substrate, allowing the user to rapidly pinpoint the optimum dose. Available in plate sizes for most contact and proximity printers, this reticle can save hours of set-up time.


  • Typical transmission values range from 30-70% plus100%.
  • Actual spectrophotometer measured values provided for each designated transmission.
  • Transmission film is resistant to typical solvent cleaning.
  • Content of resolution cell can be customized to suit the typical working critical dimension range of the end user
  • Lines and/or contacts
  • Clearfield and/or darkfield
  • Large unpatterned openings are also provided for each transmission value

Benchmark multi-transmission masks are production proven on over 200 locations worldwide.