Quantitative Phase Target

Benchmark Technologies Quantitative Phase Target (QPTTM) is a completely transparent measurable artifact which provides a well-characterized optical path length for quantitative phase imaging in microscopy.

Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) is an emerging technique used in live cell microscopy whereby the phase of transparent materials is captured and then computationally rendered into useable images. Benchmark’s QPTTM is the first pure phase artifact available for evaluation and calibration of phase microscopy systems. With over 150 units installed in universities, research and commercial labs around the world, our QPT has become the standard for QPI calibration.

  • Available 2 sizes – 10mm or 25.4mm square
  • Pure phase materials with seven distinct feature heights from 50nm to 350nm
  • NIST traceable AFM measurements available for all seven heights
  • Familiar microscopy targets – focus star to 400nm pitch, USAF resolution to Group 10
  • Live cell arrays simulated at various FOV’s

Numerous academic articles on QPI have included the use of Benchmarks Quantitative Phase Target. Links to technical publications can be found using the search term “Benchmark Technologies Quantitative Phase Target”

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Amplitude Image
150nm Optical Path Length
Reconstructed Phase  Image
150nm Optical Path Length