Omnimatch™ is an advanced lithography tool modeling software package used to assess the quality of overlay matching. The software can be used to compare overlay performance between 2 or more lithography tools, or a tool to itself over time. The modeling can be used to compare:

  • tools from different manufacturers,
  • tools with different reduction ratios and
  • wafer steppers to scanners

OmniMatch™ can be used to effectively initiate an overlay monitoring program in conjunction with Benchmark’s Universal Matching Reticle, or can be used to assess on- product overlay targets as part of routine production statistical process control. The components of overlay are extracted from the data set using multiple regression analysis, and the errors can be divided into alignment, lens, distortion and step/scans. The results for each component are reported in the terms that the lithography tool OEM’s use for easy comparison.

OmniMatch™ contains models for all widely used lithography tool including those manufactured by ASML, Nikon, Canon, Ultratech and others. The software uses ASCII input extracted from the fab overlay tool. Benchmark Technologies has developed parsers for all major models of overlay metrology tool and continues to expand this capability.

For a sampling of OmniMatch™ screen shots (PDF) click here.

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