Custom Test Reticles

Benchmark’s broad and sustained experience in developing the test reticles that are now part of our standard products portfolio gives us a distinct advantage in developing custom test reticles. Our relationships with both the OEM lithography and metrology tool manufacturers and many of the resist and other materials providers has broadened our understanding about what is possible within the manufacturing partner base we have developed. Some of the custom reticles we have developed over the years have been used to;

  1. test lithography systems for flare, aberration, polarization and lens heating,
  2. aid materials customers to develop and understand materials used in wafer packaging, litho double patterning and negative contact hole printing.
  3. help wafer fab customers to evaluate various on-wafer alignment marks for multiple thin film stacks, and other metrology patterns for use in on-going production.
  4. help mask and wafer metrology OEM customers to develop test reticles to insure their systems are calibrated and capturing programmed defects.

We have also modified standard reticles by machining to a different physical size or thickness, inducing wedges, adding special optical coatings (transmission, anti-reflection) on the front or backside of mask and other novel modifications. We take an open-minded approach to such projects and are pleased when our customer’s vision comes to reality.

If you have a custom reticle project please contact us to discuss